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AIOps – Soar Above IT Complexity with the Transformative Power of AI

June 1, 2023 | 3:00 PM EST/ 12:00 PM PT

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A survey found that 63% of respondents planned to use AIOps as part of their IT tool consolidation strategy, and among those looking to implement AIOps solutions, a significant 70% aimed to solve critical issues faster.

Undoubtedly, IT environments can be complex, with multiple systems, applications, and processes working together. Watch our experts, Udit Pratap Singh and Jatinder Singh Dheer, on this exclusive on-demand webinar on “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations” and explore how organizations can leverage AI to simplify and streamline complex IT environments.

Key takeaways of the session:

  • Overview of AIOps, fundamental principles, and how it operates.
  • How AIOps can help organizations increase efficiency, improve reliability, and resolve IT complexity faster.
  • Practical examples of how AIOps can be used for network, application performance, and incident management.
  • AIOps tools and technologies available in the market, such as ML, NLP, and data visualization tools.
  • The best practices for implementing AIOps, including data preparation, model selection, and monitoring.
  • A wrap-up with a look ahead at the future of AIOps, including emerging technologies and new use cases.

Join us to learn more about AIOps and its potential to transform your IT operations. Watch Now!


Our Experts

Udit Pratap-Pic
Udit Pratap Singh
Practice Head - AWS Cloud

Udit is a 16+ years experienced cloud professional specializing in AWS cloud architecture and digital transformation. He has led several on-premises to cloud migration projects and is skilled in various AWS services such as EC2, S3, IAM, DynamoDB, Lambda, CloudFormation, CloudFront, and ELB. He is also proficient in Agile methodology and Scrum processes.


Jatinder Singh-Pic
Jatinder Singh Dheer
Enterprise Architect

Jatinder has expertise in designing and implementing cloud-based infrastructure solutions. He is skilled in automation tools, scalable architectures, data technologies, and cloud-native application development. His technical expertise and contributions to the industry have been recognized with awards and published whitepapers. He is a valuable team member with a passion for sharing knowledge and insights on emerging cloud technologies.